Kate Wins Three-Year School Committee Seat

I am honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the students of Lexington on the committee, and recognize that this is entirely due to your support. Whether you made a donation, held a sign, wrote a letter, made phone calls, emailed your friends, or knocked on doors, you helped reach voters, share our message, and bring them to the polls. I am grateful and will do my best to meet your expectations. 

As the real work begins, I hope you will always feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns, as I will likely reach out to many of you for your input on issues. Together, we will take care of our schools and our students. 

With sincere thanks,



Mollie Garberg Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

As a former member of the Appropriation committee, I had the honor of working with both Glenn Parker and Kate Colburn. During our time on the committee, we considered many complex issues facing the town. I always found Glenn’s analyses spot on—thorough, penetrating and complete. He considers every facet of an issue and brings new perspective to the discussion. His calm demeanor sets the tone of the meeting; he listens, considers and adds value. He understands the complex issues facing the Town and is able to clearly explain his decisions and rationale.

Kate was the liaison from the Appropriation Committee to the School Committee and developed expertise on the school operating budget and capital issues. She was always prepared, knowledgeable, insightful, and easy to work with. She helped to educate fellow committee members on the enrollment dynamics in our schools and conveyed important information and analysis to Town Meeting to help inform their decisions. She encouraged the School Committee to explore more effective and efficient options for addressing overcrowding, recognizing that smart investments in the near term would provide long-term benefit to taxpayers.

Glenn epitomizes what I want in a Selectman-demonstrated commitment, experience and patience and I believe that the School Committee needs a member with Kate’s s depth of knowledge and experience to help guide our schools through this challenging growth period in a fiscally responsible way. Their qualities are particularly important as the Town enters a period of significant turnover in senior staff and unprecedented capital spending. I hope you will join me on March 6 in using one of your two votes for Glenn Parker http://parker4lexington.org/ and by voting for Kate Colburn https://www.colburnforlexington.com/ for the 3-year position on the School Committee.

Mollie Garberg

Dan Strollo Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

Two years ago, I began attending meetings focused on school overcrowding, where a group of well-intentioned neighbors struggled to come together with a plan to address our predicament.   Kate Colburn was sitting in the audience too.  When we spoke recently, Kate described the same frustrations I experienced watching millions of our tax dollars spent without producing a comprehensive school master plan to address our capacity needs.  She shared the concern that current projects are expected to be inadequate within months of completion.  And don’t get us started about how the High School conversation is regularly tabled for another day.

We need Kate on School Committee. She works with similar communities as a professional consultant on municipal and school master planning.  She is a Town Meeting Member and was on the Permanent Building Committee. Appointed to the Appropriation Committee, Kate served as liaison to the School Committee. She analyzed and reported on the full School Department budget and all potential school building projects, including methods to balance school and municipal priorities. This experience will be instrumental to developing practical, long-term, flexible solutions to school overcrowding, including capital investments and operating budget pressures.

Kate understands the School Committee’s role is to represent school needs. She will help the Committee make important recommendations to solve the problems we face and spend less time and money trying to duct tape problems. Our town government is set up to ensure there will be no room to gold plate the superintendent’s offices or introduce the first Michelin rated cafeteria in the country.  .

Please visit www.colburnforlexington.com. Get to know what Kate brings to the table, and please show up to vote.  This town is a treasure, and the schools play a huge role in that.  Let’s do all we can to keep it that way.

Dan Strollo

Anne Boulter Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

Faced with overcrowding, budget pressures, and severe student stress, Lexington needs strong leadership from its School Committee. After knowing Kate Colburn for more than seven years,  I believe that she would be an amazing advocate for our children in a term on the School Committee.

Rapidly growing enrollment at all grade levels is stressing our students, teachers, and taxpayers.  Kate has an excellent understanding of the complexity and importance of the issues that the School Committee must address this year, and in subsequent years. Enrollment has far exceeded the capacity of our schools, as attested by the many professional studies commissioned by the Committee, and shows no demonstrable signs of abating. Faced with this challenge, Kate founded the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group, representing all of our schools town-wide, and produced a well-considered report with several options.  

Kate has been committed to promoting practical, affordable solutions to our school capacity shortage through work on PTO/A Boards, and as a member of Town Meeting. She has been the Town Meeting Precinct 4 Chair and served on Appropriation Committee as the liaison to the School Committee. In this capacity, she has been responsible for analyzing and reporting on the full school department budget and all potential school building projects, including ways to balance school and municipal priorities.

A consultant to towns who require expertise in municipal and school master planning, Kate brings a wealth of professional experience, deep knowledge of Lexington and the importance of investing our tax dollars wisely to ensure that we balance both school and municipal priorities with a return-on-investment for all of our taxpayers.

We are very fortunate to have someone with the breadth of Kate’s experience and commitment to Lexington.  Please join me in voting for her on March 6th!

Anne Boulter

Alix Fox Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

I enthusiastically support Kate Colburn for School Committee. Her excellent qualifications and relevant professional and volunteer experience have been described in great detail in these pages recently. I believe decisive action from our School Committee is urgently required, and Kate is exceptionally prepared and uniquely capable of being the catalyst for progress that Lexington’s schools desperately need.

Our School Committee has spent many volunteer hours and taxpayer dollars assessing and considering our school district’s challenges. There have been numerous committees, discussions and surveys. Consultants have provided copious studies, analyses, and reports at great expense. The primary issue is abundantly clear: school overcrowding compromises the delivery of our academic program, and the funding required to resolve that is in short supply.

What has not followed all the fact-finding and deliberation is a sense of meaningful progress toward resolution. Projections indicate a shortfall of 22 elementary classrooms in three years, even with the new Hastings hopefully opening in 2019-2020. Overcrowding trickles up – projections for the middle and high schools are similarly alarming.

It is incumbent upon our School Committee to anticipate our schools’ and students’ needs, and prepare to meet those needs in a timely manner. Even if a capital project that solves our crowding issues were coming before the voters this year, that solution wouldn’t come on line for at least four years. Without any such plan up for vote, overcrowding will be a fact in Lexington for the near future.

There is no more time to wait. We need Kate on our School Committee. She has prudent capital planning experience and deep knowledge of the challenges at hand. With her collaborative, inclusive work style, she’s ready to join School Committee and start building consensus toward workable solutions. Please join me: vote for Kate Colburn for School Committee on March 6th.

Alix Fox

Pam Hoffman MInuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

Lexington voters face a critical choice March 6th. I am supporting three candidates who have a combination of professional skills and experience that distinguish them from the pack: Glenn Parker, Selectman; Kate Colburn, School Committee 3 year-term; and Kathleen Lenihan, School Committee 1 year-term.

Each of these candidates is currently a Town Meeting representative, has been a long-time volunteer in our community, and will bring important analytical skills and experience to their positions.

For the past 6 years, Glenn has chaired the Appropriation Committee (AC), which scrutinizes all financial articles voted on by Town Meeting. As AC liaison to the Ad Hoc Streetscape Design and the Ad Hoc School Master Planning Committees, Glenn has been actively involved in the most pressing issues and large capital projects now facing the town. He brings strong and relevant budget experience to the Board of Selectmen.

Kate consults professionally to local towns on municipal and school master planning. She served on the Appropriation Committee as the School Committee liaison and has extensive knowledge of our school capacity issues. Her planning expertise and financial acumen are well known and respected by her Town Meeting colleagues. Kate brings focus and long-term, flexible solutions to operating budget pressures and capital investments to resolve school overcrowding.

As a former teacher, current LHS PTO Co-President, and mother of three Lexington students, Kathleen has a deep understanding of our schools’ daily operations and accompanying challenges. Kathleen co-chaired our most recent Yes For Lexington campaign and has always been a strong and thoughtful advocate for our schools. She will work to improve the curriculum and reduce the stress placed on our students.

Glenn, Kate and Kathleen are eminently qualified for these roles and will be effective members from day one. Please join me in voting for these three outstanding candidates.

Pam Hoffman

CAAL PAC Endorses Kate Colburn for School Committee

The Chinese American Association of Lexington Political Action Committee has endorsed Kate's candidacy for School Committee! Kate is honored and thrilled to have the support of this organization, which has contributed so much to Lexington. She is looking forward to working with CAAL on school issues that are important to the Chinese-American community, and thanks members for their endorsement.

Robin Leader Gannon Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

As a long-time, second generation Lexington parent and a graduate of Lexington Public Schools, I am keenly aware of and have benefited from our town'e commitment to education.  As a colleague of Kate Colburn's, I have always been impressed by Kate's passion for Lexington and the amount of time and energy she invests to ensure that she understands the critical educational and financial decisions facing our town.

To these deliberations, Kate brings professional experience as a consultant to Massachusetts' towns on capital improvement and school master planning.  Her experience as the Appropriation Committee'liaison to the School Committee and her service on the Permanent Building committee, also make her uniquely qualified and superbly prepared to address school overcrowding and other major educational concerns.  She will not sacrifice long-term objectives for short-term gains.

As member of several PTO boards over the years, she has embraced diversity and believes, as I do , that children fortunate enough to be educated in a multi-cultural environment will be well prepared to grow, thrive and contribute to our nation's future.  In all of her many volunteer activities Kate has shown herself to be a transparent and inclusive leader.  we are fortunate that Kate is running.

She brings valuable, needed experience and expertise to the school committee as it addresses the challenges ahead.  I urge you to assess Kate's qualities for yourself by attending one of the many "meet-and-greets being held for Kate by your friends and neighbors.  You can also find out more about her beliefs and positions at ColburnForLexington.com

I hope you will join me in voting for Kate Colburn for a three-year term on School Committee on Monday, March 6.

Robin Leader Gannon

Carrie Saint Louis Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

Lexington parents, please engage in this important School Committee election.  We must elect School Committee officials that have experience with Lexington town affairs, and a current and intimate knowledge of our challenging school issues so that much needed solutions can be achieved. 

We proudly support Kate Colburn for Lexington School Committee.  We have seen Kate in action and she shows consistent dedication to Lexington's children in her unwavering support for Lexington Public Schools, and the need to fix the schools' overcrowding situation.  She is a known quantity that has demonstrated she can work with the broader school community through her active PTO involvement and engagement in Lexington Parents Advocacy Group.

My husband, Marc, has serve with Kate in Town Meeting for a number of years, and has seen first-hand that Kate cares deeply about our schools and the town's future direction.  She currently sits on Town Meetings' Executive Committee and was an Appropriations Committee member.  She knows what is required of the School Committee for it to be successful when collaborating with the Selectmen and Town Meeting.  We need School Committee members with this critical knowledge of the institutional workings of Lexington government. 

As a parent of Lexington Middle and Elementary students herself, she understands what makes a successful classroom.  She is an ardent supporter of METCO, which is under pressure in our schools due to funding challenges.  As a multi-racial Lexington family, it is paramount to us that Lexington continues to offer a diverse educational environment.  Further, Kate is a working parent - this important perspective must have true representation on the committee.

Don't presume that elections are won easily - most importantly vote on March 6, but please consider holding a sign or making phone calls to ensure that as many Lexington parents' voices are heard.

Carrie Saint Louis

Vicki Blier Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

I strongly support Kate Colburn for School Committee because her ability to listen carefully, understand, research, analyze and appropriately prioritize the elements of complex issues has been proven again and again.


As a member of the Appropriation Committee, she was relied upon to analyze and report on the school budget, building projects and financing options As a founding member of the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group she effectively researched, analyzed and collaborated with other concerned parents to promote practical solutions to the increasing enrollment issues that we are facing.


Kate supports carefully considered initiatives to increase academic engagement and nurture a love of learning by our students.In everything she does, Kate’s quietly thoughtful approach, backed by a lot of homework and analytical skill, has proven its value. She will be a superb School Committee Member and deserves your vote.


Vicki Blier

Kate Calls for Stronger Local Leadership in the DeVos Era

Any slight misgivings I had about running for School Committee evaporated when Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education. I am the daughter of a former elementary school principal and a former high school counselor, who served in public schools for their entire careers. Their dedication, their struggles, and their joys were part of our family dinner conversation throughout my childhood and the value of a strong public school system was ingrained. My parents’ advice to me when I had my own children: “Find a community that values its public schools, and get involved. Schools don’t take care of themselves.”

Following their advice, we chose Lexington and we got involved. We are grateful every day that our children have the opportunities this community offers. Over the years, however, we have become more and more concerned about the future of our schools. Our School Committee’s response to overcrowding has been largely unsuccessful, despite millions having been spent on planning.  Important educational improvements have been passed over due to budget concerns. Our students are performing well on tests, but are experiencing unhealthy levels of stress.

In other words, our schools are not taking care of themselves.  I am running for School Committee because we can do better. We can truthfully acknowledge the immediacy and extent of our space needs and put forward the most cost-effective plans to meet those needs.  We can prioritize within our operating budget so important educational improvements are not lost.  We can pioneer new ways to deliver our curriculum that allow teachers more time and more freedom, and allow students opportunities to become more engaged, motivated, and creative. Most important, our School Committee can prioritize educational excellence and student health in all decisions.

With so much uncertainty about educational policy directives that may result from our federal and state government over the next few years, strong local school system leadership is particularly important. Our School Committee must be willing to speak up for the needs of our students and teachers. Competing municipal projects and limited taxpayer resources will require negotiation and compromise but our School Committee members must come to those discussions with a clear mission: to advocate for what is best for our schools. It remains to be seen whether Secretary DeVos shares that mission, but we must make sure Lexington does not lose sight of it.

Mike Kennealy Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

I write in support of the candidacy of Kate Colburn for Lexington School Committee at our Town Election on March 6.

It is difficult to believe that any candidate could be more prepared for the work of the Committee than Kate.  She is an accomplished professional, with experience in law, municipal government, and community development.  She has served on Town Meeting, the Permanent Building Committee, and the Appropriation Committee, gaining important experience with and understanding of our Town budget.  In addition, Kate has deep experience as a volunteer in the community as the founder of the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group and a member of the boards of the Diamond Middle School PTA, the Fiske Elementary School PTO, the Hancock Nursery School Parent Committee, and LexFUN.  Finally, Kate brings the perspective of a parent, with three children in Lexington schools, in the eighth, fourth, and second grades.

Her founding of, and commitment to, the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group is remarkable.  This is a group of parents that came together to address the issue of overcrowding in our schools.  Nobody asked them to attend School Committee, Selectmen, and other meetings, to gather vast amounts of data, and to advocate strongly for solutions – but they did.  It’s the type of leadership that we should all be grateful for.  Soon, hopefully, Kate will have the opportunity not just to advocate but also to craft and implement policy for our schools.

Our School Committee will be dealing with significant challenges in the coming years, and it needs Kate’s perspective, experience and leadership to function as well as it can and to arrive at the best possible solutions for both Lexington kids and Lexington taxpayers. 

Please join me in voting for Kate - we would be incredibly fortunate to have her serving on the School Committee.

Mike Kennealy

Amy Kaser Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

Capital planning is the key issue currently facing our school system. Decisions made in upcoming years will impact the welfare of Lexington residents for decades to come. The availability of funds is an important constraint and limiting tax increases is vital for preserving economic diversity.

I have worked in the investment business for almost 25 years, researching companies in order to decide if their stock will be a good investment. It has been my experience that capital allocation decisions have been the main determinant of a company’s future success. The same can be said of municipalities. I am endorsing Kate Colburn for School Committee because she has the judgment and knowledge base to ensure that taxpayers’ capital is spent judiciously and effectively. I believe Kate will work toward ensuring that our schools are a great investment for all taxpayers, not just those using the school system.

Kate believes in spending capital prudently. Prudent does not mean spending the least amount possible - it means prioritizing areas of need and identifying solutions that could bring the largest positive impact per dollar spent. Kate has the judgment to prioritize needs and to address them cost effectively. She is also a strategic thinker who could help identify potential solutions to address issues facing the school system in ways other than just capital spending. Kate’s experience on the Appropriation Committee and helping other towns with their school master planning enable her to bring valuable insight and context to the needs of our schools.

We need to safeguard the values of our school system and taxpayers’ capital at the same time. I believe Kate has the ability to accomplish this and hope you will join me in voting for her on March 6.

Amy Kaser

Ashley Waring, Mona Roy, Bronte Abraham, Lauren Weeks Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

Kate Colburn believes in the moral and legal imperative to educate all Lexington children, and knows that supporting students that learn differently results in a better education for not only these children, but their peers as well. Through our work with Kate on the Lexington Parent Advocacy Group and PTO Boards, we have seen her concern for how events and conditions in our schools affect all students, including those who have special educational and therapeutic needs.

As parents of children who receive special education services in Lexington public schools, we enthusiastically endorse Kate Colburn for School Committee. Kate has consistently shown an understanding of, and willingness to advocate for, the resources our town’s special education programs need. She asks the right questions to better understand student needs and the best ways to meet them programmatically. Kate understands there is a wide range of students with special education needs, spanning from 3 year olds at Lexington Children’s Place preschool to 22 year olds at Lexington High School, and many others in between. She understands that well functioning special education programs need resources such as space and staff.

Kate supports early screening for dyslexia, one of the most common learning disabilities. She also supports exploring ways we can ease transitions between school levels for special education students (middle to high school, for example). Kate will work with the Special Education Department and Special Education Parent Advisory Council to make continued improvements to the IEP process, allowing for more support for families.

We are Kate’s friends and endorsers. We know first-hand that she cares about us and our children, and will strive to ensure all Lexington students and families are well represented on the School Committee.

Ashley Waring, Mona Roy, Bronte Abraham, Lauren Weeks 

Tuna Chatterjee Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

I strongly believe that Kate Colburn is the best candidate for the School Committee’s three-year term position. Kate is warm, smart, and passionate about our town, but I would like to draw voters’ attention to three particular factors that argue strongly in favor of her candidacy.

First, I believe that Kate has a keen understanding of the issues that the School Committee must address, issues that stem from our town’s rapid population growth and its impact on school capacity. Kate founded LPAG, an advocacy group seeking greater effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability in our town’s response to population growth. Through LPAG, Kate has gathered representatives from each school to produce a report with reasoned, insightful, and feasible solutions to relieve school overcrowding. I highly encourage voters to read LPAG’s report online at http://www.lexparentsadvocacy.org/s/Background-and-Analysis-of-Article-2.pdf.

Second, Kate has served on our town’s Appropriation Committee, where she gained an in-depth understanding of the town’s financial complexities, and was able to craft creative and practical solutions addressing budgetary pressures. Additionally, Kate was the liaison to the School Committee, giving her great insight into striking the delicate balance between school investments and other municipal priorities.

Finally, Kate believes in a diverse Lexington, one that is inclusive of the many different students who attend our schools. She is a vocal advocate for the efforts of administration, teachers, and students to create a learning environment in which differences are valued and student stress is minimized.

I am convinced that Kate will be a strong and thoughtful leader who will collaborate with the entire community to resolve the issues facing our schools. Please join me in voting for Kate Colburn in the upcoming town election on March 6th.

Tuna Chatterjee

Kate's First Lexington Minuteman Interview

CANDIDATES SPEAK: Lexington's candidates for School Committee and Planning Board By Al Gentile

As Lexington moves closer toward the town-wide elections on March 6, Lexingtonians need to know how candidates stand on issues in order to make informed decisions on who their decision makers are.

Question: Does Lexington need to reassess its goals in terms of balancing its capital needs for schools and fiscal responsibility for taxpayers? If not, how can the committee accomplish both?

Kate Colburn: It is the School Committee's responsibility to try to provide the facilities necessary to deliver Lexington's academic program. To satisfy this obligation in a fiscally-responsible way, the committee must initiate and advocate for efficient capital projects that meet programmatic needs, deliver the greatest value to taxpayers, and offer flexibility for the future. There are no easy answers, but the School Committee should not preemptively forego necessary projects based on its own conjecture about what taxpayers can afford. Instead, it should offer the community the most cost-effective plan it can and let other policymakers and the voters decide for themselves.

To read the complete article, visit: http://lexington.wickedlocal.com/news/20170207/candidates-speak-lexingtons-candidates-for-school-committee-and-planning-board


Former School Committee Members Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

As former members of the Lexington School Committee we write in support of Kate Colburn’s election to a three-year term on the School Committee. With the recent retirement of chairman, Bill Hurley, the Committee needs a strong leader who can keep the Committee on track to face the challenges now before our schools: major building projects, over-enrollment, student stress, and continuing to assist and support the superintendent to achieve her goals. Kate’s transparent and positive approach, plus her financial, institutional and visionary experience, are absolutely essential as Lexington moves forward.

Kate is experienced in town government, serving as a Town Meeting member, Appropriation Committee member assigned as a liaison to the School Committee, and founder of LPAG (Lexington Parents Advocacy Group). Kate understands the key issues facing the School Committee and is prepared to take on these challenges and achieve results consistent with Lexington’s long and short-term goals. She is a strong leader who considers all sides of an issue, works to achieve consensus, and looks for practical solutions to complex problems.

Kate’s focus is on the educational needs of students and faculty, understanding that the role of the School Committee is to advocate for those groups, working as an independent entity alongside the other Committees in town. As a working parent and part-time consultant, dealing with small towns facing similar capital improvement and school master planning issues, Kate has the experience necessary to make informed decisions that benefit the educational community while keeping in mind municipal priorities as well.

Kate deserves your vote on March 6.

Bonnie Brodner (2011-2014), Scott Burson (2000-2006), Helen Cohen

(2003-2009), Dan Fenn (1957-1961), Tom Griffiths (2002-2008), Florence Koplow

(1982-1988), Judy Leader (1987-1990), John Oberteuffer (1989-1995), Robert I.

Rotberg (1974-1977), Sandra Shaw (1979-1983), Mary Ann Stewart (2009-2014),

Albert Zabin (1988-1994)

Peter Enrich Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

At a moment when Lexington faces critical choices and needs excellent leadership, I ask you to join me in supporting three exceptional candidates for key offices:

First, our school system over the coming years will be dealing with enormous challenges, both financial and programmatic. Unfortunately, the school committee recently has also been facing some serious challenges of its own and has not always been able to provide the strong, clear voice for educational excellence that we need.

That’s why I’m delighted that Kate Colburn is running for the three-year school committee seat. Kate is a thoughtful, inclusive leader with a deep commitment to the values of excellence that have guided our school system so successfully. Her work as founder of the Lexington Parents Advisory group and on the town’s Permanent Building Committee, Appropriation Committee, and as a town meeting member have demonstrated to me both her depth of understanding of the schools’ needs and her ability to work collegially to advance our children’s and our community’s best interests.

It’s not only the schools that face daunting challenges and demand thoughtful, nuanced, and inclusive leadership. The next few years will confront complex planning and fiscal challenges, amidst an unprecedented turnover in the town’s senior management staff.

That’s why I’m pleased to be able to support both Michelle Ciccolo and Glenn Parker for the two seats on the Board of Selectmen. Each of them brings an extraordinary track record working in the town’s interest, and both have amassed exceptional knowledge and sophistication about the complex issues that town leadership must address. And both share my commitment to a town that is inclusive and welcoming and one that is dedicated to exceptional management of excellent services.

We are truly fortunate to have such excellent candidates. Please join me in supporting them.

Peter Enrich

Patrice Cleaves and Tommy Reilly Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

We are supporting Kate Colburn for School Committee. Patrice first met Kate eight years ago through LexFUN! (Lexington Five and Under Network), when Kate was the Meals on Wheels Chair. Kate chose that position because she believed community service should be an important part of the LexFUN! experience. With vision and commitment, Kate was able to hugely expand this program, adding routes and recruiting more volunteers. For Kate, teaching children and us as parents to give back and to help those we can is essential to who we are and who our children will become. It’s contributing where you can…when you can…and teaching our children to appreciate their diverse community.

Kate values all forms of diversity in Lexington. She is a strong supporter of METCO, a program that provides a suburban public school education to students from Boston and creates a more diverse student body. Kate understands that education is more than what you read, what the teacher tells you – it’s about the experiences students share together, building empathy and understanding. She believes that in Lexington our diversity is our strength, and part of what will equip our children to create a better future for this country.

We have seen Kate’s commitment to service continue in the years since we met, as she has served in school leadership roles, on Town Meeting, and on the Appropriation Committee. She is an advocate by profession and is willing to speak up for the needs of students, teachers, and staff, while considering the impact of school decisions on the whole community. She is a critical thinker, with the will and ability to make decisions quickly yet thoughtfully. Please join us in voting for Kate Colburn for Lexington School Committee on Monday, March 6th.

Patrice Cleaves and Tommy Reilly