Minuteman Letter to Editor, December 15, 2016

It is with great enthusiasm that I share that I am running for a seat on the Lexington School Committee. Faced with overcrowding, budget pressures, and severe student stress, Lexington needs strong leadership from its School Committee. I am prepared to take on these challenges.

My husband and I moved here to live in a diverse and welcoming community and to provide our three children with a great education. Since then, I have developed a tremendous appreciation for our school system and our town and have served both wholeheartedly. In recent years, I have worked hard to promote pragmatic, affordable solutions to our school capacity shortage through work on PTO/A Boards, founding the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group, serving on Town Meeting, and on the Appropriation Committee. 

On the Appropriation Committee, I studied the effects of every expenditure on taxpayers. I have been responsible for analyzing and reporting on the full School Department budget and all potential school building projects, and examining ways to balance school and municipal priorities. I will use this experience to help develop practical solutions to operating budget pressures and school overcrowding, bringing maximum value to taxpayers.

I support the current administration’s efforts to investigate innovative educational models that focus less on standardized testing and more on encouraging curiosity, discovery, and deep exploration of curriculum topics. These have the potential to strengthen student academic engagement and reduce unhealthy stress, bringing a new kind of educational excellence to our system.

I am an attorney and part-time independent consultant for a municipal planning and community development firm, where I help towns with capital improvement planning and school master planning. 
I would be honored to bring this experience to the School Committee, and ask for your vote on March 6, 2017.
With sincere thanks,
Kate Colburn, Candidate for Lexington School Committee