Amy Selinger Minuteman Letter to the Editor, January 26, 2017

I am writing today to urge my neighbors to join me in voting for Kate Colburn on March 6.  Kate’s qualifications, talent, experience and commitment make her the best choice to serve on the School Committee.

Lexington is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family.  In recent years, our town has welcomed many new residents and our schools have faced the pressure of maintaining high standards while absorbing growing numbers.  Proposed solutions not only impact our students but also all residents as the cost of educating tomorrow’s citizens is shared by all.  Quite simply put, Kate is the most qualified candidate to join the School Committee in making these important decisions.

Kate’s legal background as a consultant for capital and school master planning is invaluable but the thoughtful action she has taken as a parent is what makes Kate stand out.  Kate’s creation of the Lexington Parent’s Advocacy Group demonstrates her willingness to find pragmatic solutions in a transparent and inclusive way.  I first met Kate as a fellow concerned parent seeking ways to support our school system.  I was immediately impressed with her ability to calmly study all the available information, understand the needs of various constituencies, put forth practical solutions, and collaborate with others to seek consensus.  What struck me the most about Kate was her thoughtful approach to debate, discussion, and even disagreement.

It is critical that our town leaders continue to work together to quickly and effectively find solutions to the pressing problems presented by overcrowding while keeping the fiscal health of our town at the forefront.  Lexington’s School Committee needs Kate Colburn’s leadership, and I ask you to join me in voting for Kate on March 6.

Amy Selinger