Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, Bill Hurley resigned his position on the School Committee last Tuesday for health reasons. I was heartbroken to hear Bill’s news. He is a dedicated public servant who served as a stabilizing force on the committee during some difficult times. My campaign team and I wish Bill well.

On Monday night, the Town Clerk and Town Manager described the procedure for filling the remainder of Bill’s term. The seat will appear on the ballot as a one-year term separate from the three-year term I am seeking. Candidates may not seek both seats.

I intend to stay with the three-year term. I would like to spend the next three years focusing on addressing the serious issues facing our schools, such as overcrowding, unhealthy stress, and fiscal challenges, rather than expending volunteer time and donor resources on another campaign next year. Many of my supporters have contacted me this week and urged me to stay the course. Thank you for the encouragement!

As of today, it appears I will be running against Judy Crocker. This will be challenging because she is the incumbent, but with hard work and your assistance, I like our chances. To date we have 200 early endorsers, 16 events scheduled, and enthusiastic support from many Lexington leaders. Yet, we have much more to do and can only do it with your help.

With enthusiasm for the challenges ahead and appreciation for your support,