Karen Griffiths Minuteman Letter to the Editor, January 12, 2017

Kate Colburn for School Committee

I am thrilled that Kate Colburn is running for School Committee, and I urge you to join me in voting for her on March 6.  As a Lexington parent and committed volunteer, I recognize the challenges facing our schools, such as overcrowding and its related fiscal and educational issues, as well as student stress and its effects.  Kate is uniquely suited to address these topics as a School Committee member.

When I first met Kate, I was struck by her thoughtfulness, her sense of purpose and her pragmatism.  She digs to the bottom of every issue, and considers all sides before deciding on a path forward.  Kate’s strong skills are exactly what the SC needs as our community works to maintain our schools’ excellence while tackling the challenges we face. 

Two years ago, when the School Committee was initially struggling with the best way to add space to our overcrowded elementary schools, Kate founded the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group in order to help research the problem and keep people informed of the issues.  She has also served on PTO/A boards, as a Town Meeting member and on the Appropriation Committee.  This experience has allowed her to analyze and understand both the broad effects of capital expenditures on taxpayers, as well as the details in balancing school and municipal priorities in order to develop practical solutions.  Kate also serves as a consultant to other towns to help with their capital improvement planning.  It would be wonderful to have the benefit of this tremendous experience here in Lexington.

Lexington is a wonderful community, and Kate exemplifies much of what makes it so: passion, commitment, experience and especially leadership. You can learn more about Kate and why she will make an excellent addition to the School Committee at colburnforlexington.com.

Karen Griffiths