Sandy Beebee Minuteman Letter to the Editor, January 26, 2017

While Lexington public schools have a fabulous reputation, we cannot take future success for granted.  Our schools need significant capital investment and suffer from overcrowding, while our students struggle with high levels of stress.  I believe Kathryn Colburn is the best candidate to tackle these challenges and support her election to School Committee. 

I got to know Kate through the Lexington Parents Advocacy Group (LPAG), a committee of parents passionate about solving the overcrowding problem.  She was our leader.  I was impressed by her keen analytical mind, commitment to public service and professional temperament.

Kate is a lawyer by training, and has a remarkable ability to identify what is critical to understand an issue.  When we were on LPAG, she was constantly seeking solutions that would require the least financial investment for the best long-term impact. 

She is also passionate about town governance.  She has been a town meeting member since 2014.  She was on the Permanent Building Committee and was the Appropriations Committee’s liaison to the School Committee.  However, she often attends committee meetings beyond her domain of responsibility to gain additional perspective and build relationships.

Kate is an excellent communicator.  I have seen her build consensus and maintain positive relationships amongst disagreeing parties, and am confident she would do the same on School Committee.  I believe she will be open about her plans and very accessible to the Lexington community.

With children in elementary and middle school, Kate has direct knowledge of what is happening at our schools and has every motivation to ensure Lexington’s educational success continues.  I trust that if Kate is on the School Committee, my decision to move to Lexington for the quality of the schools will be vindicated.

Sandy Beebe