Susie Lee-Snell Minuteman Letter to the Editor, January 26, 2017

I highly recommend Kate Colburn for School Committee. Kate is an active member of the Lexington community, serving both on town committee as well school initiatives. She cares deeply about the town and schools and her passion for equality lead to her starting the Lexington Parent Advocacy Group. She worked tirelessly attending every school committee meeting and met with various parent groups to thoroughly understand the many issues related to solving the over-crowding issue of our schools. She is a thoughtful listener and takes initiative to reach out to various community members to better understand what is valued by the residents of Lexington. When advocating for a solution, she strived to find the balance that would allow all students to learn in an enriching environment while being fiscally manageable for the town.

Kate has served in leadership positions while volunteering at the school level and has served as the precinct chair as a Town Meeting Member, evidence of her ability to lead and people’s confidence in her. She has a very calm demeanor and is able to quickly synthesize information that’s been presented and extrapolates key points to share with others.

Being a member of an extended, multicultural family, Kate values the richness of a cultural diverse community. However, she is also aware of the complexity that may exist within a diverse community and continues to broaden her cultural knowledge and the values of the different cultural communities in Lexington.

As a former educator and leader of the Korean community in Lexington, I am confident that Kate will work towards bringing balance to our current education system. She will help create a system where students find joy in learning, parents are valued and teachers and faculty enjoy coming to work. Please join me in supporting Kate this March!

Susie Lee-Snell

Co-Founder of KOLex

(Korean Organization of Lexington)