Amy Kaser Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

Capital planning is the key issue currently facing our school system. Decisions made in upcoming years will impact the welfare of Lexington residents for decades to come. The availability of funds is an important constraint and limiting tax increases is vital for preserving economic diversity.

I have worked in the investment business for almost 25 years, researching companies in order to decide if their stock will be a good investment. It has been my experience that capital allocation decisions have been the main determinant of a company’s future success. The same can be said of municipalities. I am endorsing Kate Colburn for School Committee because she has the judgment and knowledge base to ensure that taxpayers’ capital is spent judiciously and effectively. I believe Kate will work toward ensuring that our schools are a great investment for all taxpayers, not just those using the school system.

Kate believes in spending capital prudently. Prudent does not mean spending the least amount possible - it means prioritizing areas of need and identifying solutions that could bring the largest positive impact per dollar spent. Kate has the judgment to prioritize needs and to address them cost effectively. She is also a strategic thinker who could help identify potential solutions to address issues facing the school system in ways other than just capital spending. Kate’s experience on the Appropriation Committee and helping other towns with their school master planning enable her to bring valuable insight and context to the needs of our schools.

We need to safeguard the values of our school system and taxpayers’ capital at the same time. I believe Kate has the ability to accomplish this and hope you will join me in voting for her on March 6.

Amy Kaser