Ashley Waring, Mona Roy, Bronte Abraham, Lauren Weeks Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

Kate Colburn believes in the moral and legal imperative to educate all Lexington children, and knows that supporting students that learn differently results in a better education for not only these children, but their peers as well. Through our work with Kate on the Lexington Parent Advocacy Group and PTO Boards, we have seen her concern for how events and conditions in our schools affect all students, including those who have special educational and therapeutic needs.

As parents of children who receive special education services in Lexington public schools, we enthusiastically endorse Kate Colburn for School Committee. Kate has consistently shown an understanding of, and willingness to advocate for, the resources our town’s special education programs need. She asks the right questions to better understand student needs and the best ways to meet them programmatically. Kate understands there is a wide range of students with special education needs, spanning from 3 year olds at Lexington Children’s Place preschool to 22 year olds at Lexington High School, and many others in between. She understands that well functioning special education programs need resources such as space and staff.

Kate supports early screening for dyslexia, one of the most common learning disabilities. She also supports exploring ways we can ease transitions between school levels for special education students (middle to high school, for example). Kate will work with the Special Education Department and Special Education Parent Advisory Council to make continued improvements to the IEP process, allowing for more support for families.

We are Kate’s friends and endorsers. We know first-hand that she cares about us and our children, and will strive to ensure all Lexington students and families are well represented on the School Committee.

Ashley Waring, Mona Roy, Bronte Abraham, Lauren Weeks