Carrie Saint Louis Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

Lexington parents, please engage in this important School Committee election.  We must elect School Committee officials that have experience with Lexington town affairs, and a current and intimate knowledge of our challenging school issues so that much needed solutions can be achieved. 

We proudly support Kate Colburn for Lexington School Committee.  We have seen Kate in action and she shows consistent dedication to Lexington's children in her unwavering support for Lexington Public Schools, and the need to fix the schools' overcrowding situation.  She is a known quantity that has demonstrated she can work with the broader school community through her active PTO involvement and engagement in Lexington Parents Advocacy Group.

My husband, Marc, has serve with Kate in Town Meeting for a number of years, and has seen first-hand that Kate cares deeply about our schools and the town's future direction.  She currently sits on Town Meetings' Executive Committee and was an Appropriations Committee member.  She knows what is required of the School Committee for it to be successful when collaborating with the Selectmen and Town Meeting.  We need School Committee members with this critical knowledge of the institutional workings of Lexington government. 

As a parent of Lexington Middle and Elementary students herself, she understands what makes a successful classroom.  She is an ardent supporter of METCO, which is under pressure in our schools due to funding challenges.  As a multi-racial Lexington family, it is paramount to us that Lexington continues to offer a diverse educational environment.  Further, Kate is a working parent - this important perspective must have true representation on the committee.

Don't presume that elections are won easily - most importantly vote on March 6, but please consider holding a sign or making phone calls to ensure that as many Lexington parents' voices are heard.

Carrie Saint Louis