Dan Strollo Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 23, 2017

Two years ago, I began attending meetings focused on school overcrowding, where a group of well-intentioned neighbors struggled to come together with a plan to address our predicament.   Kate Colburn was sitting in the audience too.  When we spoke recently, Kate described the same frustrations I experienced watching millions of our tax dollars spent without producing a comprehensive school master plan to address our capacity needs.  She shared the concern that current projects are expected to be inadequate within months of completion.  And don’t get us started about how the High School conversation is regularly tabled for another day.

We need Kate on School Committee. She works with similar communities as a professional consultant on municipal and school master planning.  She is a Town Meeting Member and was on the Permanent Building Committee. Appointed to the Appropriation Committee, Kate served as liaison to the School Committee. She analyzed and reported on the full School Department budget and all potential school building projects, including methods to balance school and municipal priorities. This experience will be instrumental to developing practical, long-term, flexible solutions to school overcrowding, including capital investments and operating budget pressures.

Kate understands the School Committee’s role is to represent school needs. She will help the Committee make important recommendations to solve the problems we face and spend less time and money trying to duct tape problems. Our town government is set up to ensure there will be no room to gold plate the superintendent’s offices or introduce the first Michelin rated cafeteria in the country.  .

Please visit www.colburnforlexington.com. Get to know what Kate brings to the table, and please show up to vote.  This town is a treasure, and the schools play a huge role in that.  Let’s do all we can to keep it that way.

Dan Strollo