Former School Committee Members Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

As former members of the Lexington School Committee we write in support of Kate Colburn’s election to a three-year term on the School Committee. With the recent retirement of chairman, Bill Hurley, the Committee needs a strong leader who can keep the Committee on track to face the challenges now before our schools: major building projects, over-enrollment, student stress, and continuing to assist and support the superintendent to achieve her goals. Kate’s transparent and positive approach, plus her financial, institutional and visionary experience, are absolutely essential as Lexington moves forward.

Kate is experienced in town government, serving as a Town Meeting member, Appropriation Committee member assigned as a liaison to the School Committee, and founder of LPAG (Lexington Parents Advocacy Group). Kate understands the key issues facing the School Committee and is prepared to take on these challenges and achieve results consistent with Lexington’s long and short-term goals. She is a strong leader who considers all sides of an issue, works to achieve consensus, and looks for practical solutions to complex problems.

Kate’s focus is on the educational needs of students and faculty, understanding that the role of the School Committee is to advocate for those groups, working as an independent entity alongside the other Committees in town. As a working parent and part-time consultant, dealing with small towns facing similar capital improvement and school master planning issues, Kate has the experience necessary to make informed decisions that benefit the educational community while keeping in mind municipal priorities as well.

Kate deserves your vote on March 6.

Bonnie Brodner (2011-2014), Scott Burson (2000-2006), Helen Cohen

(2003-2009), Dan Fenn (1957-1961), Tom Griffiths (2002-2008), Florence Koplow

(1982-1988), Judy Leader (1987-1990), John Oberteuffer (1989-1995), Robert I.

Rotberg (1974-1977), Sandra Shaw (1979-1983), Mary Ann Stewart (2009-2014),

Albert Zabin (1988-1994)