Kate's First Lexington Minuteman Interview

CANDIDATES SPEAK: Lexington's candidates for School Committee and Planning Board By Al Gentile

As Lexington moves closer toward the town-wide elections on March 6, Lexingtonians need to know how candidates stand on issues in order to make informed decisions on who their decision makers are.

Question: Does Lexington need to reassess its goals in terms of balancing its capital needs for schools and fiscal responsibility for taxpayers? If not, how can the committee accomplish both?

Kate Colburn: It is the School Committee's responsibility to try to provide the facilities necessary to deliver Lexington's academic program. To satisfy this obligation in a fiscally-responsible way, the committee must initiate and advocate for efficient capital projects that meet programmatic needs, deliver the greatest value to taxpayers, and offer flexibility for the future. There are no easy answers, but the School Committee should not preemptively forego necessary projects based on its own conjecture about what taxpayers can afford. Instead, it should offer the community the most cost-effective plan it can and let other policymakers and the voters decide for themselves.

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