Peter Enrich Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

At a moment when Lexington faces critical choices and needs excellent leadership, I ask you to join me in supporting three exceptional candidates for key offices:

First, our school system over the coming years will be dealing with enormous challenges, both financial and programmatic. Unfortunately, the school committee recently has also been facing some serious challenges of its own and has not always been able to provide the strong, clear voice for educational excellence that we need.

That’s why I’m delighted that Kate Colburn is running for the three-year school committee seat. Kate is a thoughtful, inclusive leader with a deep commitment to the values of excellence that have guided our school system so successfully. Her work as founder of the Lexington Parents Advisory group and on the town’s Permanent Building Committee, Appropriation Committee, and as a town meeting member have demonstrated to me both her depth of understanding of the schools’ needs and her ability to work collegially to advance our children’s and our community’s best interests.

It’s not only the schools that face daunting challenges and demand thoughtful, nuanced, and inclusive leadership. The next few years will confront complex planning and fiscal challenges, amidst an unprecedented turnover in the town’s senior management staff.

That’s why I’m pleased to be able to support both Michelle Ciccolo and Glenn Parker for the two seats on the Board of Selectmen. Each of them brings an extraordinary track record working in the town’s interest, and both have amassed exceptional knowledge and sophistication about the complex issues that town leadership must address. And both share my commitment to a town that is inclusive and welcoming and one that is dedicated to exceptional management of excellent services.

We are truly fortunate to have such excellent candidates. Please join me in supporting them.

Peter Enrich