Robin Leader Gannon Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 16, 2017

As a long-time, second generation Lexington parent and a graduate of Lexington Public Schools, I am keenly aware of and have benefited from our town'e commitment to education.  As a colleague of Kate Colburn's, I have always been impressed by Kate's passion for Lexington and the amount of time and energy she invests to ensure that she understands the critical educational and financial decisions facing our town.

To these deliberations, Kate brings professional experience as a consultant to Massachusetts' towns on capital improvement and school master planning.  Her experience as the Appropriation Committee'liaison to the School Committee and her service on the Permanent Building committee, also make her uniquely qualified and superbly prepared to address school overcrowding and other major educational concerns.  She will not sacrifice long-term objectives for short-term gains.

As member of several PTO boards over the years, she has embraced diversity and believes, as I do , that children fortunate enough to be educated in a multi-cultural environment will be well prepared to grow, thrive and contribute to our nation's future.  In all of her many volunteer activities Kate has shown herself to be a transparent and inclusive leader.  we are fortunate that Kate is running.

She brings valuable, needed experience and expertise to the school committee as it addresses the challenges ahead.  I urge you to assess Kate's qualities for yourself by attending one of the many "meet-and-greets being held for Kate by your friends and neighbors.  You can also find out more about her beliefs and positions at

I hope you will join me in voting for Kate Colburn for a three-year term on School Committee on Monday, March 6.

Robin Leader Gannon