Sophia Ho Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 2, 2017

Even though Kate Colburn and I are of different generations, I am familiar with her professional experience and her community service since she moved to Lexington. I am quite impressed, thus I am glad she is running for school committee.

I am not surprised that so many former school committee members and fellow town meeting members have endorsed her. Kate is simply the right person, at the right time. Her experience as a professional consultant to towns for capital improvement planning and community work on school master planning brings expertise, which is now badly needed, on the School Committee.

Lexington school staff, teachers and students have struggled admirably to maximize the available classroom spaces. By any reasonable standard, we are well over capacity. For the nearly four years the School Committee has engaged a number of consultants and commissioned studies to determine the best path forward.

The Committee now faces important decisions that impact the schools and the town. These decisions could benefit immensely from Kate’s professional expertise, and her experience on Lexington’s Appropriation Committee, where she served as the liaison to the School Committee. She has been the Chair of Precinct 4 in Town Meeting, a member of the Town Meeting Executive Committee, and the Permanent Building Committee. In all of these roles Kate has consistently demonstrated an ability to work transparently and collaboratively with her colleagues to find common ground.

Lexington residents for 51 years, my husband and I feel very fortunate to have raised our three children here, all of whom have benefited from the schools. We need someone as qualified as Kate to ensure we maintain the standards, innovation and quality for which Lexington is known without unduly burdening our tax dollar.

Sophia Ho