Tuna Chatterjee Minuteman Letter to the Editor, February 9, 2017

I strongly believe that Kate Colburn is the best candidate for the School Committee’s three-year term position. Kate is warm, smart, and passionate about our town, but I would like to draw voters’ attention to three particular factors that argue strongly in favor of her candidacy.

First, I believe that Kate has a keen understanding of the issues that the School Committee must address, issues that stem from our town’s rapid population growth and its impact on school capacity. Kate founded LPAG, an advocacy group seeking greater effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability in our town’s response to population growth. Through LPAG, Kate has gathered representatives from each school to produce a report with reasoned, insightful, and feasible solutions to relieve school overcrowding. I highly encourage voters to read LPAG’s report online at http://www.lexparentsadvocacy.org/s/Background-and-Analysis-of-Article-2.pdf.

Second, Kate has served on our town’s Appropriation Committee, where she gained an in-depth understanding of the town’s financial complexities, and was able to craft creative and practical solutions addressing budgetary pressures. Additionally, Kate was the liaison to the School Committee, giving her great insight into striking the delicate balance between school investments and other municipal priorities.

Finally, Kate believes in a diverse Lexington, one that is inclusive of the many different students who attend our schools. She is a vocal advocate for the efforts of administration, teachers, and students to create a learning environment in which differences are valued and student stress is minimized.

I am convinced that Kate will be a strong and thoughtful leader who will collaborate with the entire community to resolve the issues facing our schools. Please join me in voting for Kate Colburn in the upcoming town election on March 6th.

Tuna Chatterjee